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NetEase | Onmyoji Compilation

2:10 is very honored to cooporate with NetEase Game Onmyoji Team since 2018. We have created more than 10 CG works for game anniversaries, new characters release, major game updates, annual events, etc.

Onmyoji Team and 2:10 tell stories by using the most splendid pictures made by multuple technology especially cel-shading. Many works like Okuribito and Ittan, Shiranui and Shikigami Enmusubi have become the representatives of cel-shading CG.



“游戏+动漫”代表作,2020年阴阳师手游“情缘版痒痒鼠APP”上线之际,SSR新式神缘结神宣传CG,以活泼鬼马、笑中带泪的方式赢得玩家们的西海,助力阴阳师情缘版登顶APP STORE游戏总榜前三。