Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium CG

2:10 AM Animation X Sunborn Network | CG

Survival and search, violence and destruction; order and civilization, despair and rebirth.

When order is broken, do you choose to vassalize darkness, or fight for hope?

Cooperated with Girls' Frontline 2, and co-produced the CG of it.

Follow the mysterious girl Helena, assemble the Lightning Squad, and start a new journey!

2:10 and Girls Frontline 2: Exilium jointly created a new promotional PV. The game producer leads a team to guide tactics, positioning, and movements. 2:10 seeks the support of military professionals to have discussions on the route, combat situation, as well as the position of the characters and the way of breaking the door.

While considering the anime aesthetics in creation, we emphasize the truthfulness and rationality for details such as equipment props, action design, guns and ammunition, and scene elements. We strive to impress players with precise and professional hardcore content while bringing a strong impact on visual experience.

In terms of character production, firearms, and assets, we use cel-shading and traditional PBR processes to achieve the realistic style of the game. The natural and real light and shadow layout and nearly a hundred special effects shots lead players to experience the hail of bullets in an immersive environment.